At the centre of The School Volunteer Program’s (SVP) work is a belief in the power of relationships.
For children to thrive, they need to be connected to and supported by an extended network of caring people with the time to listen and provide guidance.
SVP is a school based program with volunteers dedicating their time during school hours, on school grounds. With our dedicated volunteers, SVP engages students at any stage in their educational pathway, from kindergarten to high school.Our services are designed to improve student’s literacy, life skills, self-esteem and self-confidence which contribute to improving learning outcomes andimproved student achievements. Without support of this nature many students can become disengaged from school, usually resulting from behaviouraland social skills problems or barriers they have developed towards learning. Other students disengage through a lack of social skills or not havinga positive role model in their life. The School Volunteer Program has continued to focus upon students with needs such as these in both primary andsecondary school across Western Australia. These students benefit from either one-on-one mentoring or additional support provided through SVP volunteers.
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