School Absentee Policy


Absences must be legitimate reasons only. Any absence for part or all day, two consecutive days or many days must be covered by a valid explanation (note/SMS/phone call/email) from a  parent or guardian, to either the Care Group teacher or reception. A phone call or text is the preferred option.

  • SMS:  0407 087 450
  • Phone:  9235 4300
  • Email: au


No student is permitted to leave the school grounds unless parental or guardian approval has been established. Truancy is unlawful and will be dealt with as a behavioral issue which will include parent contact.


Students who know they are likely to be away for more than a week should contact their Year Co-Ordinator. In the case of illness or injury, arrangements to leave school must be made through the Medical Centre or front office. Students are not permitted to contact Parents or guardians using their mobile phones. Students wanting to leave school due to feeling unwell must contact their parent/carer via the First Aid Officer or front office. Medical certificates are required for two or more consecutive days of absence.


If an appointment during school hours is necessary, students must forward a note/sms/phone call/email from their parent or guardian to obtain a “Leave Pass” from the front office before school.


Students who arrive late (after 8.40am) must provide a valid explanation (note/SMS/phone call/email) from a parent or guardian. Students who arrive without an explanation may be required to serve a lunchtime detention at the Deputy Principal’s and Student Services Manager’s discretion. Latecomers must report to the office where a “Late Note” is issued prior to entering the classroom. The student then reports to class with their note.


Any Student requiring holidays during in-term schooling will require Principal approval. Parents/guardians must indicate in writing the dates/duration/reason for leave and have it accepted prior to leave.

All students should attain at least 90% attendance for the whole year.