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The Intensive English Centre caters for the needs of students aged between 12 and 16 years, who have recently arrived in Western Australia from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds. Approximately 30-40 different nationalities and languages are represented at the IEC at any one time. The student body is comprised of migrants, refugees, international fee paying students and short term fee paying students.


The IEC prepares students to achieve the required standards in English in order to enter mainstream Australian High Schools. After graduating from the IEC, further support is provided in mainstream classes until the students are able to participate independently.

Whilst the focus for the IEC is the English language needs of newly arrived students, we also provide a transition point for students and parents who are adapting to a new culture. Small classes, expert staff and culturally sensitive pastoral care are features of our centre.


Students are assessed on enrolment at the IEC to determine which course is suitable for their needs. The students’ educational background and existing English competence are considered when determining placement in the IEC. Three main pathways are available:

  1. Two year course for students from a limited schooling background.
  2. One year course for students who have not had any interruptions to their primary schooling.
  3. Six month course for students with advanced standing. Graduation ceremonies are held every 6 months.

IEC Fremantle excursion (1)How to enrol

Those wishing to enrol are welcome to contact the Greenwood Intensive English Centre on (08) 9243 9300 or at to book an appointment.

Students wishing to enrol must be of non-English speaking backgrounds and be holders of an eligible Australian VISA. Upon arrival at the IEC, applicants’ reading and writing, as well as their general speaking and listening skills will be assessed. This allows our centre to place students in classes which are appropriate to their level of English. The IEC will provide students and their guardians with general information about the Australian high school system and pathways into mainstream Australian schools.

Staff fluent in multiple languages are available to assist in the enrolment procedure in the following: Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian and Italian. We are also able to arrange on-call interpreter service if another language is required.

IEC staff are highly skilled and are selected via a competitive merit selection procedure. All teaching staff members have English as a Second Language qualifications, many with post graduate qualifications. Staff also have experience in various learning area disciplines. The IEC employs a combination of Primary and Secondary teachers in order to cater for the variety of needs of our student body.

Education Assistants are also employed at the IEC. They are fluent in many of the languages spoken by our student body and play an important role in helping students to bridge cultural and language barriers.

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About our host school

The Intensive English Centre enjoys a close relationship with Greenwood College. Our students have access to all of the school’s facilities and benefit from the expertise of the mainstream staff in options classes and from support staff including student services and administrative staff. We also participate in whole of school events including sporting and social events and assemblies.

Intensive English Centre Curriculum

The Greenwood College Intensive English Centre offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at giving students from non English speaking backgrounds an effective transition into mainstream Australian high schools.

The IEC curriculum is delivered through the key subject learning areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Society and Environment

The subjects are taught by qualified high school teachers who also hold additional qualifications in teaching English as an Additional Language. Each unit is aligned to the newly formed National Australian Curriculum and delivered with an emphasis on English literacy and language acquisition.

Students at the Intensive English Centre also participate in a range of option subjects, such as Art, Dance, Computing Skills, and Physical Education, which help students to develop the concepts and language of a broad range of areas of the Australian Curriculum.

The Intensive English Centre also provides ongoing ESL support to students who have graduated from the IEC and entered the mainstream school.