Woodwork 2014 (3)In Design and Technology students are challenged to research, design and develop innovative and creative solutions. They apply skills of management in planning and implementing a process, at the same time as they manipulate tools and machines to produce high-quality products. This is a practical course where students can choose to work in the areas of wood, metal, automotive and photography.

Woodwork/Furniture Design

 Lower school: Woodwork

The lower school woodwork course introduces students to the fascinating craft of working with wood. From Year 8 where students are taught the basic skills of shaping, joining and applying a finish to a range of projects through to more complex projects in both Years 9 & 10.
Students are given many opportunities to demonstrate their own creativeness through a series of personal design projects.

Upper School: Materials Design & Technology

Building on the skills developed in lower school woodwork this course investigates in more detail various methods of shaping and joining timber to create personal furniture pieces. The focus of this course is to encourage students to research alternatives and use their initiative in the development of individually designed projects. They will also be introduced to a range of different timber finishes that can be applied to produce quality items of furniture.
This subject provides a valuable foundation for students considering pursuing a career in this field.

Mechanics/Automotive Engineering Technology

This subject is designed for students with a practical or vocational interest in the automotive industry. This course is practically orientated with approximately 70% of assessments being IMG_0008linked to practical skills, exercises and projects. The subject focuses on the application of current automotive technology aspects such as; routine care and maintenance, tools and their uses, threads and fasteners, internal combustion engines, fuels and fuel systems, lubrication, cooling systems, electrical systems, panel beating and spray painting. Students at the completion of this course will be able to demonstrate a range of automotive skills including, arc welding, mig welding, oxy welding and oxy cutting. For the theory component of the subjects, students will explore present and future work roles, training opportunities and career pathways within the automotive industry.

Photography/Visual Arts

Photography at Greenwood College is a popular subject with students allowing for interesting opportunities in the innovative area of photography. The students begin their journey in lower school using both analogue and digital cameras to provide a good grounding in camera basics then progressing into the world of post editing using industry standard software and equipment. This course provides the opportunity for students to learn skills in both Photography and Design. In this course students will develop a competitive edge for current and future industry and employment markets. The upper school Visual Arts course gives students the opportunity to obtain a Certificate III in Visual Arts (Photography) through our partnerships with Central TAFE.