English 2014 (19)English

In their study of English students will learn about the English language: how it has developed over time, how it works and how to use it effectively.

Language is central to our development. It is through language that we shape understandings of ourselves and our world. Language is vital in empowering every individual as it is the tool by which we think, communicate and create. The English curriculum is designed to enable students to develop the skills that will make them lifelong learners.

Through their work, students will develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to seek further education, training or employment. They will also engage in debate about ideas, values and attitudes that will empower them to be informed and active members of society.

In their study of the English curriculum students will engage critically and imaginatively with a range of literary, non-fiction, media and multi-modal texts. They will apply critical thinking to their analysis of texts, create their own texts and present understandings in both informal and formal oral and presentations. The development of literacy skills is also an essential element of the English curriculum. Students will be taught the skills necessary to function independently in the broader community.