The Health and Physical Education Learning Area aims to educate, guide, motivate and inspire young people to develop lifelong habits which lead to healthy, active lifestyles.We promote active engagement in physical activity in all its forms:

  • Fitness
  • Sport and games
  • Outdoor pursuits

 Programs offered include Physical Education and Health Education for students in years 7 to 10. Sports and Recreation in upper school and Outdoor Education from year 9 through to upper school.

Physical Education programs focus on providing learning experiences aimed at teaching and developing the transferable, fundamental sport skills.


Outdoor Education programs focus on providing learning experiences designed to instil a positive approach to recreating in the outdoors through participation in activities such as Water Safety, Bush cooking, Camping and Hiking.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Health Programs encourage the individual to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and aims to develop knowledge and understanding to assist the individual make positive and healthy lifestyle decisions. In addition, across all our programs and courses, we have a responsibility to develop and enhance lifestyle skills which not only underpin safe and worthwhile participation in physical activity, but are also highly valuable transferable skills enabling successful engagement in both future work places and social environments. We also provide opportunities to learn, practice and enhance interpersonal and self-management skills.