The preparation and presentation of food is fundamental to everyday life. The Food courses offered at Greenwood College provides interesting opportunities for students to explore various influences affecting their food choices such as cultural beliefs, nutritional knowledge, trends in the food industry regarding food laws and regulations, advertising campaigns, food availability and budgetary considerations. Students learn about a balanced diet and apply nutritional concepts that promote healthy eating and the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

The practical component focuses on preparation and presentation techniques as students prepare an array of edible tasty, attractive and nutritious food products. Senior school students apply their Food Technology knowledge to the design of their own inventive recipes through Master Chef challenges created in the class room, ready to be applied at home! Students also develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to seek further education, training or employment in the hospitality industry.


The Technology Process enables students to develop their sewing skills using a variety of textiles and equipment including computerised sewing machines and overlockers whilst making items such as bags, quilts, cushions, pillowcases and pencil cases as well as a range of craft items. The Year 10 Textiles course further develops sewing skills so students can complete patchwork quilt as well as numerous clothing items.


DSC00731Students learn about children, families and the community around them through the childcare classes which cover human development from conception to adulthood. They learn the inherent needs of infants and children to grow, develop and mature throughout their life cycle as well as providing experiences to support childrens play and learning, ensuring the health and safety of children and communicating with children. Senior school students visit West Greenwood Kindergarten to work with their kindy buddy on educational activities such as colouring in, cutting and pasting, cooking, games, puzzles and outdoor play activities. Students participate in the Baby Think It Over program offered by Headspace which allows students to have first-hand experience with a virtual baby. The practical component of the course incorporates sewing skills for the production of bags, toys, games, booklets and accessories suitable for young children. Through their work, students will develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to seek further education, training or employment in the area of childcare, nursing and many community services organisations