Greenwood College has a number of well equipped Information Technology laboratories and offers a range of Industry standard courses.Photography 2014 (3) Students are exposed to cutting edge programs and highly experienced teachers support the learning process. At lower school level the students gain valuable skills that transfer to other subjects within the college. They explore the use of Microsoft Office and its components as well as learning the importance of cyber safety and the issue of digital citizenship. Students develop their knowledge and skills in a variety of digital applications including Adobe Photoshop, enabling them to participate in challenging and exciting integrated tasks . Students will also be introduced to multimedia computing projects using Animation Programs further challenging their computer skills. Finally the course involves exploring the world of web page design. This is achieved through the use of programs such as Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.

In upper school the students are able to obtain nationally recognised certification in the area of information technology. This is in the form of


The Certificate II in Information Technology will be delivered over two years. This subject contributes to WACE and is also a nationally recognised qualification. Certificate II consists of 14 Units of Competency that will be delivered in Year 11 and 12. There are 8 core and 6 elective units that students must complete.


BSBCMN106A Follow workplace safety procedures
ICAD2012B Design organisational documents using commercial computing packages
ICAU2005B Operate computer hardware
ICAU2006B Operate computing packages
ICAU2013B Integrate commercial computing packages
ICAU2231B Use a computer operating system
ICAW2001B Work effectively in an IT environment
ICAW2002B Communicate in the workplace

Students who complete Year 11 of Certificate II of IT will be issued with a Statement of Attainment listing the Units of Competency they have achieved from a Registered Training Organisation. Students who continue in Year 12 will have the opportunity to gain the full Certificate II in Information Technology.

This course is designed to enhance students prospects of gaining employment by providing a solid grounding in ICT. The course has a number of benefits that include:

  • Providing a solid grounding in widely used business computer software packages (eg Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver)
  • Providing a basic understanding of computer networks and computer hardware
  • Developing skills in the areas of communication
  • Providing understanding of the Workplace in an IT environment
  • Understanding Work, Health and Safety issues
  • Basic use and understanding of an Operating System
  • Installing software packages and maintaining computer system security
  • Learning to operate computer hardware and peripherals