The Library Resource Centre provides educational programs and resources to enable students to become independent life long learners.

The Library houses a large collection of resources for students to borrow and use. Resources include fiction, quick reads, non-fiction, reference books, periodicals and computers. Students are able to borrow four items for up to two weeks with the ability to extend this time if required. Students come into the Library with teachers for both research and reading. Student work is often displayed in the Library and some of the beautiful photos from our photography students adorn our walls. The Library is open before school, recess from Monday to Thursday and every day at lunchtime for both recreational and educational activities. We have a large selection of games on offer which are very popular. If Maths assistance is required the library is open on Mondays after school until 4pm with teachers on hand to help.


What is a Bibliography.?

A bibliography is an alphabetical list of all resources referred to and used in the writing of an assignment. Items are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. If there is no author, use the first letter in the title. Punctuation and spelling are important. Bibliography

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Oliver is the Schools computer based Library system.
Oliver can be accessed throughout the school by clicking on the oliver icon on the desktop.