The Greenwood Mathematics Department staff have a high level of commitment, expertise and experience. Staff are qualified to deliver all ATAR and non-ATAR upper school courses. Lower school courses years 7-10 follow the Australian Curriculum syllabus. Students learning is geared towards their own ability levels with each year group  streamed into 3 Pathways. This allows us to extend  highly capable students and support students who need extra help. Numeracy is our focus and involves making decisions and problem solving. Classroom tasks link mathematics to real life and practice with word problems. We aim first and foremost to teach for understanding. Functional numeracy means that we incorporate Mental Maths into daily lessons. Our tests incorporate calculator and non-calculator sections, so students are able to solve mathematically both ways. Students receive support beyond the classroom through the following initiatives :

  • Free tuition after school on a Monday
  • Free subscription to Mathletics interactive software
  • Free subscription to  Your Tutor online help
  • Free inclusion in the Australian Mathematics Competition each year for all Pathway 3 students
  • Regular weekly homework provided and monitored by Maths teachers
  • All courses and resources including sections of online texts accessible through the school’s Moodle site