Student Pathways

Mrs Fiona Gatey – Student Pathways

 “My job at Greenwood College is to help students in their successful transition from school to   University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and or employment. VET programs at Greenwood College give our students the best opportunity to reach their career goals. Upper school subject selection is a major part of my portfolio as this ties in with the career counselling process required to guide students into the most appropriate career pathway. For parents and students,  I have put together a series of links which will hopefully give you a one stop access to information that will help you with your son or daughter’s transition from school to the world of work”


This website offers a range of support for young job seekers and workers and their parents, teachers and advisers. It includes printable workbooks and tip sheets, recruitment insights from Australian employers, and information and links to Government resources. Information and resources are provided to help:

  • learn about the different ways to contact employers about jobs
  • explore the jobs and industries that might suit
  • understand how to develop skills and build experience
  • learn how to make a job application stand out to employers
  • to adjust to the workforce and understand workplace rights and responsibilities.

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