Student Services Team 2020

Student Services coordinators

  • Year 7 and 8 Mr Fil Filidei
  • Year 9 and 10 Mr Murray Williams
  • Year 11 and 12  Ms Fiona Gatey


  • Chaplain: Mrs Susan Earle
  • School Psychologist: Mrs Rica Branca (Mon-Thur)
  • Year 7 Coordinator: Ms Jess Bennett
  • Year 8 Coordinator: Ms Meg Hamel
  • Year 9 Coordinator: Ms Meg Cook
  • Year 10 Coordinator: Ms Sandy Zencich
  • Year 11 Coordinator: Mr Trent Irwin
  • Year 12 Coordinator: Mr Bassanelli
  • Community Health Nurse: Mrs Diane Broad (Tues-Friday)
  • First Aid: Mrs Nicole Newman (M/Tue), Angelique Phillips (Wed), Mrs Jenny Bruzzese (Thu/Fri)
  • Vocational Officer: Mrs Anne Pugh
  • Workplace Learning Officer Mrs Christine Mawkes ( Thur/Fri)
  • Attendance Officers Mrs Christine Mawkes( Mon, Tue/Wed) Mrs Natasha Squiers (Thurs/Fri)
  • Education Assistants: Ms Vesna Peou, Ms Carolyn Ganzer,  Mrs Nicole Del Borrello, Mr. Carl Benjamin and  Ms Susie Myers


Greenwood College has an exceptionally well resourced Student Services Centre. All key members of the Student Services Team are located in a central location and situated adjacent to the school’s Administration Block. Student Services has an open door policy for students but also has the required private areas for counseling and interview purposes.

The Student Services Team offers a comprehensive service focusing on specific year levels to ensure we enhance and develop the whole child with support of all  parents and carers. This is managed in a very professional, caring and sensitive manner. The focus is on attendance, behaviour, physical and emotional well-being, together with successful academic and future pathway outcomes. Parents and carers are recommended to make the specific year coordinators as their first point of contact regarding concerns with their child.

Our student services team support all students through many positive programs incorporated into the school culture. These include Champions for Change, High Flyers, Pathways and career exploration, House points, assemblies as well as all of the extra curricular activities,, camps, balls, formals, lunches, Duke of Edinburghand Our Behaviour Management Process in this school is well defined, supported, fair, concise and transparent. The school demands high standards of behaviour (both in and out of the classroom), high rates of attendance and we encourage all students to try their absolute best each and every day.