Greenwood College Volleyball Update

Greenwood College – Year 9 Girls Junior League 11 May Game Result

Congratulations to the Greenwood College Year 9 Girls Junior League team, who started off the VWA two-term competition with a massive win!  Our team beat St. Mary’s AGS 3-0.  The girls face St. Stephen’s Year 9 Girls on Friday 18 May.  Good luck to our players – Summer Magrath, Lucy Harris, Lauren Wood, Demi Czynski, Hayley Moore, Megan Bastian


Greenwood College – SSWA Seniors Champion Schools Cup Results

We had a great day on Wednesday 16 May at Warwick Stadium with our 12 Year 10-12 teams representing Greenwood College at the SSWA Tournament.  Congratulations to our Year 10 Girls Team (Charlotte Benton, Alana Bradnam, Leanne Cowling, Kailyn Smith, Kaitlyn Smith, Lily Sunderland, Rachel Tausem, Olivia Warren) for winning the Girls “B” Division!  All other results are below:

Year 10 Girls A 1st Place “B”

Year 10 Girls B 4th Place “C”

Year 10 Girls C 2nd Place “C”

Year 11 Girls B 3rd Place “B”

Year 11 Girls A 8th Place “A”

Year 11/12 Girls A 5th Place “A”

Year 10 Boys A 2nd Place “C”

Year 10 Boys B 5th Place “D”

Year 11 Boys A 3rd Place “B”

Year 11 Boys B 4th Place “B”

Year 11/12 Boys 4th Place “D”

Year 12 Boys 2nd Place “A”




Angie Ayers

Volleyball Co-ordinator

Health and Physical Education Teacher

Greenwood College