Vocational Education and Training (VET)

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Mrs Fiona Gatey – Manager
Vocational Education & Training

 “My job at Greenwood College is to help students in their successful transition from school to University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and or employment. VET programs at Greenwood College give our students the best opportunity to reach their career goals. Upper school subject selection is a major part of my portfolio as this ties in with the career counselling process required to guide students into the most appropriate career pathway. For parents and students,  I have put together a series of links which will hopefully give you a one stop access to information that will help you with your son or daughter’s transition from school to the world of work”

Students at Greenwood College have the opportunity to apply for Certificate courses held off site

VET in schools 2018 delivery is held on a variety of sites and dates in 2018.

Details are:

  • CIII Ed Support  Friday 16 Feb – 21 September
  • CII Engineering Thu & Fri 15Feb – 7 December
  • CIII Pop Health Friday 16 Feb – 16 November (Year 11)
  • CIII Pop Health Friday 16 Feb -21 September ( Year 12)
  • CII Electrotech  Friday 16 Feb – 7 Nov
  • CII Building & Construction Thursday 15Feb –  8 November
  • CII Auto Friday 16 Feb – 21 September (Year 12)
  • CII Auto Thursday 8 Feb – 20 September ( Year 11)
  • CII Plumbing Friday 9 Feb – 21 September
  • CIV Business Friday 16 Feb – 21 September
  • CII Retail Cosmetics Friday 16 Feb – 21 September
  • CIII Screen & Media Thursday 15 Feb – 13 September

These certificates are delivered on site to students.

Students completing these certificates will be released to complete their industry hours in a two week block from the 28 May – 8 June and the 12 November to the 23 November.

Enrolments for these courses are offered to Year 10 and 11 students from Term 3 onwards.

For further information please see Ms Gatey in the VET office.


  • Year 11 and Year 12 students are invited to participate in a work experience program.
  • Year 11 students are released one day a week from the 14th February until the 11 April WEDNESDAYS.
  • Year 12 students are released one day a week from the 9 May until the 27th June.

Release from school is to be arranged with Ms Gatey in the VET office.

Parents and family members are encouraged to support students to experience work experience.


For more information go to Careers and VET information on the homepage

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