Rachel Tausem – Australian Junior National Team

I wanted to inform you all of a fantastic opportunity that one of our very own students earned due to her hard work and dedication! Our Year 10 Rachel Tausem was invited to participate in the Australia Junior National Volleyball Team program in 2018! Rachel will be competing for Australia at a tournament in the USA at the end of July. This is a HUGE feat and the first Junior National Team member from Greenwood College in recent history that I know of. Rachel will participate in the high-level volleyball and play in front of University coaches in the United States looking to offer scholarships to top players. Even greater is that Rachel was chosen to participate on the team with zero State level volleyball experience – she has gained her experience through her amazing efforts in our very own volleyball program. Please give her your congratulations and wish her luck on her trip to the USA!

Angie Ayers
Volleyball Co-ordinator