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Students Resources

Student resources page. The material here is of particular relevance to students at Greenwood. We welcome suggestions by students for additional material.

Library Resources (Oliver)


Internal Network Links

ReadingPlus (This is an internal link to Reading Plus learning software) Reading Plus
ESL Reading – IEC reading material. ESL reading
The Keep (Links to a range of Student Resources) The Keep
Approve online Games and Applications Educational resources Approved Applications (Games)
How to Create Emails A beginners Guide to Email

External Web Site Links

TransPerth Smartrider for Students Smartrider


Student CV Template Year 9 (Download *.Word 41Kb) Year 9 CV
Student CV Template Year 10 (Download *.Word 44Kb) Year 10 CV

Student Policy Documents

Student Video Permission Form (Download *.pdf 46kb) Student VIDEO Permission
Student IT Agreement (Download *.pdf 57kb) Student IT Agreement
Senior School Assessment Policy Policy Link

Pre-School Links

Pre School activities – 1. Dress a bear Dress a bear
Pre School activities – 2.Colour a picture Colour a picture
Pre School activities – 3.Match the shapes Match the shapes
Pre School activities – 4.Baseball count Baseball count


Staff Resources

Welcome to the new Greenwood College, Staff and Teacher resource page.

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 Quick Links

1. Google search engine Google
2. GMail (Google Mail) GMail
3. Wikipedia. Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia
4. ABC News ABC

External Links

1. The DET Portal. For Staff/Teachers Email and Calendar. DET Portal
2. The DET CUA. The Mandatory Common Use Agreement. DET CUA
3. NCT largest VET in Schools Provider in Western Australia. NCT


Internal Links (Greenwood SHS & DET Intranet)

1. Reading Plus Reading Plus
2. IT Support Support


3. Staff Development